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September 16, 2019

Tourism - July 2019

Overnight stays spent in the Azorean hotels and similar establishments, tourism in rural areas and lodging tourism and local accommodation increased by 10,2% in July 2019 compared with July 2018. From January to July, overnight stays increased by 15,...
September 13, 2019

Economic Activity Indicator - July 2019

In July, the Azorean Economic Activity Indicator (IAE - Açores) registered a positive evolution and stood at 2,0%.
September 11, 2019

Consumer Price Index - August 2019

The 12-month average rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased to 0.19%, in Azores. The national level was 0.61%. In August, the annual rate was 0.87% in Azores and the national was -0.09%. The monthly rate was -0,26% in Azores and -0,12% in...
September 10, 2019

Landed at airports in the Azores - August 2019

In August 2019 landed at airports in the Azores 220.376 passengers, an increase of 2.9% compared with the same month of 2018.
September 6, 2019

Movements Purchases by TPA + Withdrawals at ATM – August 2019

The purchases by TPA terminals reached in August of 2019, in the Azores, a total value of 115.1 millions of euros, an increase of 9.9% compared to the same month of 2018. The withdrawals at ATM reached an amount of 58.4 millions of euros, an increas...
August 26, 2019

IT-Açores - Tourism Indicator for the Azores - July 2019

According to the Tourism Indicator for the Azores, the number of overnight stays in tourist accommodations in July was approximately 416 thousand.
August 14, 2019

Press Release of Quarterly Bulletin - 2nd Quarter of 2019

The employment estimated for the 2nd quarter of 2019 in Azores, registered a positive evolution ( 2,5%) when compared with same quarter of 2018. The unemployment rate was 8,2%. This value is down 0,2 p.p. percentage points (p.p.) from the previous qu...
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